Mummy Dates Project 2017 #6


Mummy Dates Project 2017 #6

Hello Everybody and welcome back to my Mummy Dates Project 2017.
On Friday when I picked Leland up from school at lunch time were ‘Mummy can we go to the beach?’… Who was I to say no. His behaviour had been incredible considering it was his first week back after half term. He’s usually a grumpy, tired threenager.
After a quick lunch at home we got in the car and took a trip to Bridlington for the afternoon.
We parked at the South Beach Park and Ride car park but decided to walk the two miles along the sea front into Bridlington.
A kind lady walking a dog stopped me and told me that if we hung around for a few minutes that the life boat was going to be launched.

Leland was so excited when he saw the life boat and all the crew working to get it safely down the ramp across the beach and into the sea.
When we reached the amusement area we stopped for an Ice-cream for me and a slush for Leland as we’d been very warm during our walk.
Once we’d cooled down we had a wander around the amusements and spent Leland’s bag of 2p’s that he had been saving. We managed to earn enough tickets for a bubble wand and a paw patrol chocolate egg.
After the amusements, we bought a bucket and spade and took a slow walk back to the car along the beach.
We made sandcastles and collected shells along the way  as well as having a paddle in the sea.

After walking over four miles, it was safe to say that Leland was excited to get back in the car for a rest.

We had such a fantastic time at the beach and Leland told me on the way home that he is looking forward to going again after his birthday in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this little entry =)
Take care and speak soon ❤


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