Mummy Dates Project 2017 #5


Hello Everybody and welcome back to another Mummy Dates Projects post.
On Saturday 18th March, sticking with Leland's favourite theme lately, we decided it was finally time to make the trip to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

I had managed to keep this trip a complete secret and told everybody not to mention it to him. We live almost two and a half hours away from Drayton Manor so Leland managed to have a nap in the car, waking up about ten minutes before we drove through the front gates. 
He was so so excited when he realised where we were and kept telling me how happy he was. 


The main park itself was closed but Thomas Land and the Zoo were still open to the public.
Waving to Thomas

We enjoyed a walk around the Zoo before heading into Thomas Land. 
After the Zoo we visited the Train themed adventure playground and Leland had a good run around while I stopped for a coffee.

Once inside Thomas land it was so busy that I hardly managed to get any pictures of Leland, but we played hook a duck and won some little prizes. We had a good wander around the rides but as Leland was recovering from a cold he wasn't in the mood to be too adventurous. 
Gloomy Weather
Leland went and had his picture taken so that he could receive his 'Train Drivers Licence'

Even though the weather was gloomy, we got rained on and Leland was recovering from a cold, we still managed to have a fun filled day looking at the different animals in the zoo, having a wander around all the different rides and enjoying hot dogs for lunch.
I would 100% go back when the weather is a bit warmer and hope that Leland doesn't get poorly a few days before we go again.
The main thing is that Leland enjoyed himself and he has asked to go back several times. 
Prizes and Toy Shop Purchase 

I hope you enjoyed this little entry to our Mummy Dates project.
We are currently trying to decide on a few places to go this half term, but Leland hasn't decided on where he would like to go just yet. We will keep you posted though when we go =)
As always, take care and speak soon 


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