A Steamy Train Ride | February 2017


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Hello Everybody and welcome back.
Sorry I have been away for the past month or so but I have had a lot going on in my personal life that I may on may not discuss in the near future, but just know I'm alright and I am back now =)

On Friday 24th February, we took a trip back to the National Railway Museum  since I had promised Leland that we would go back during half term for a ride on the Flying Scotsman. I was also looking after my cousin Max that day so we decided we would go rather than being stuck inside on a gloomy day.

We arrived at the museum and made our way outside where we purchased our tickets to ride and waited in line. 
Leland was so exited when he saw it pulling into the station to drop off the previous passengers.

Once we took our places standing up, the ride only lasted around 10 minutes, but the look on Leland's face made it all worth it. 
Ashy Moustache 

He was so excited and wittered the whole time, reeling off random facts about the Flying Scotman and how steam engines work, pointing out bits and pieces along the way.
After our train ride, we went back inside where the kids made their very own Flying Scotman which was a lot harder than it looked.
We finished off the day with a stop off at KFC for tea seeing as both Leland and Max had been well behaved.
All in all, we all really enjoyed our day out. Max was very excited to get home and tell his mum all about his day.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Keep your eyes peeled for more posts this week =)
As always take care
Speak Soon =)

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