Christmas Money | Mini Haul


Christmas Money Haul

Hello Everybody and welcome back!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week.
Today I wanted to share with you a few of the bits myself and Leland picked up while we were shopping on Sunday.
All purchases were bought with either money or vouchers that we had received for Christmas.

From Primark I decided to treat myself to a new candle.
It is No.17 Madagascan Vanilla and it smells amazing!! I really love the candles from Primark because their scent is so subtle and not overpowering.
I also bought a new Harry Potter t-shirt just to wear around the house. I bought a size bigger than I usually wear just for comfort reasons.
Along with the t-shirt I bought myself a Harry Potter cup. Perfect for secret wine drinking! Bargain at £3.50.
Also I bought myself a cotton pad holder/dispenser... Exciting.

I had a £20 voucher to spend in boots so I decided to treat myself to the Sleek Box of Tricks set.

My mum had got this for Christmas and I made it my mission to track it down for myself after seeing it. To my absolute delight it was sat looking very lonely on a shelf in none other than the SALE section!
Yes, that's right... This beauty was reduced from £45 down to £22.50.
This set inclues:
Vintage Romance I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Face Contour Kit In Medium
Lip Vip Lipstick In Guestlist
Twist Up Midnight
Eyebrow Stylist In Medium
IMG_9799 (2)
Solstice Highlighting Palette
Matte Me In Shabby Chic
IMG_9801 (2)IMG_9802
Full Fat Lash Mascara
IMG_9800 (2)
And Finally, Blush By 3 In Lace
I am absolutely in love with this set and think it is perfect for teens who are just starting out with their make-up.
Sleek is such an amazing brand. The colours are so pigmented and super long lasting.
I just love it <3

Next we picked up a few bits for Leland. He got so many toys for Christmas that myself and my boyfriend decided to get him things that were more practical with his money as well as a few treats of course.
Leland had recieved his favourite Build a Bear, Paw Patrol pup Everest from my auntie for Christmas, along with this, she also got him a £20 voucher to either buy another teddy or get an outfit for Everest so I logged into the website and gave him the option of what he wanted. He decided the 'Everest was cold' so we opted to get the outfit for her.
We decided after a sudden growth spurt to buy him some new clothes. We have always given Leland free range with his clothes, letting him pick out what he likes within reason.
He decided on a new pair of jeans, a pair of chinos, and a Pikachu t-shirt from Primark and a set of paw patrol joggers from Tesco.
We also picked him up a new booster seat for the car and a Thomas and Friends Mini which when he opened was Spencer which he was most excited about and has hidden away in his room somewhere.

Usually I really struggle to spend vouchers, but this year I don't think I did too bad! I'm pleased with what the both of us came home with.
Have you been out to spend your Christmas money yet or have you shopped from the comfort of your sofa?
Let me know what you've been treating yourself to in the comments.
Until next time, Take care.
Speak soon

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