Life Update: New Job


Making Changes

Making big, life altering decisions is never easy.
Recently, I have found myself applying for a new job.
I have been in my current job for seven years and the thought of having to start over again from scratch both terrifies and excites me.
I was beginning to become far too comfortable in my current job to the point where every day seemed very mundane and I felt I could do the job with my eyes closed. As much as I love my job, customers and colleagues, I felt that I needed some excitement back and the only way I was going to get that was from somewhere else.
I applied for my new job on Friday the 1st September, went for an interview on Saturday the 2nd and had my trial day on the 3rd.
All in all it was a very quick process.
My new job is at my local garden centre where I will be Front of House in the Restaurant. This is something that I have never done before and on my trail day I found myself becoming quite flustered as Sunday's are the busiest days as they offer a Sunday Roast and people come from far and wide as a Sunday treat. I perceived, grit my teeth and smiled through the shift and was exhausted when I got home. Thankfully as stressful as the day was I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
As tired and flustered as I was I went back for my second shift today, took into consideration where I went wrong last week and what I could have done better and worked with that to improve myself and my skills.
I am the type of person who irritatingly asks a lot of questions because I would rather do things the right way rather than wing it on my own and get things wrong. I like to know exactly what has to be done and when. If I don't know these things, I start to panic and that;s when I start making mistakes.
Luckily for me, everybody seems really friendly and they are very patient with me.
Hopefully in a few weeks I will have settled in nicely and feel a little bit more relaxed.

I hope you enjoyed this little life update.
Take Care and I'll speak to you soon =)

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