2016 Rewind | A look back at my year


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Hello Everybody and welcome back!
Can you believe that 2016 is almost over?!
I thought I'd do a quick little run down of some of the things that have happened during 2016.


We kicked off January with a trip to Hornsea on New Years day with my mum and Archie the dog.
It was absolutely freezing cold! We walked along the beach then stopped for fish and chips and a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.
It was a lovely afternoon despite the cold weather. The dog was worn out as was Leland.


This month saw my cousin hit her teenage years!
I still think back to the day she was born,  me and my friend made buns with pink icing to celebrate.
I can honestly say that I am so proud of the bright, intelligent and caring young lady she is becoming. She hasn't always had it easy at school or at home, but after a few tears and tantrums, she had made it out of the other side a better person.


March was the month that I took part in a Dechox for The British Heart Foundation.
This was very difficult for me. I remember going out for Lunch with friends and I had to remember to order a cappuccino with no chocolate on the top. Never in my life have i received such an odd look from the barista. However I stuck with it and made it through the entire month without a single piece of chocolate. For Easter I asked for a donation rather than chocolate. I reached my target of £75.
Also in march we visited Kirklees Light Railway near Leeds to Spend a Day Out With Thomas and Friends.
Leland was very excited to meet the Fat Controller and take a ride on a real mini steam engine.
If your children are in to Thomas and Friends, I would highly recommend taking them. It was a fun family day out with activities on throughout the day. Leland still talks about it to this day.


In April, I went on a rare night out to my local village hall to see a Take That tribute band.
They were amazing!
We had such a giggle and far too much wine (I had a two day hangover).
The tribute band were full of energy and after a few bottles of wine, we were screaming at them as though they were the real thing.
You can visit here to find out when they are in your area. If you're looking for a good girls night out, I would recommend going to see them.


In May, myself and my two best friends relived out teenage years and went to go and see Busted live at Sheffield Arena.
As much as I hate to admit it, we left feeling very deflated. Having seen McBusted the year before we were very disappointed with the boys lack of energy and engagement with the audience. Having said that, it was great to catch up with each other and we still managed to have a good time.


We  celebrated my sons 3rd Birthday in June.
We visited Honeysuckle Farm in Hornsea on the Sunday before with family and friends.
It is one of Leland's favourite places to visit. He absolutely loves animals so it was a great day for him.
The day of his birthday, we had a family party at home where as usual, he was spoilt rotten.
His amazing cake was made by my best friend.
All in all, he had a lovely birthday weekend. We felt very grateful to our family and friends for making it special for him.


July was the month I finally scratched the seven year itch and cut my hair off!
It was so damaged due to years of colour abuse and felt awful and crap at the ends.
Now it feels so much healthier and is growing a lot better than it was before.
Also in July, my two best friends and my son visited Bridlington for a day out.
We took a bag of 2p's and spent a good hour or so in the arcade winning tickets which Leland traded in for lollipops.
The four of us enjoyed a lovely day out in the sun.


In August, I hit a milestone with the direct sales company that I work for.
I hit £350 personal sales in a single calendar month.
I received a beautiful bracelet, a charm and a certificate congratulating me on my achievement.
In all honesty, I felt very proud of myself. A lot of people doubted I would do very well in direct sales so I was glad to prove them wrong.


My little baby started at Nursery School in September.
Looking back, I don't know why I was so worried about him going. He has settled in great and has made lots of new friends. He is looking forward to starting full days this September.



My birthday month!
Myself and my two best friends and Leland went out for lunch at The Wishing Well in Selby.
We had a lovely meal and a catch up then took Leland into the play barn.
I think us adults had a lot more fun than Leland did.


November was a quiet month full of colds and work.
We had random afternoon visit to Brigg Garden Centre for a hot chocolate and to see the Reindeer.
As you can tell, Leland was in a grump the whole way around but cheered up once he saw the Reindeer.


On the 17th December, we went to Leeds Magical Lantern Festival.
We got off the train and went straight to the Botanist in for a cocktail before we got the bus to Roundhay park.
Once we arrived at Roundhay Park, we stopped for food at one of the vendors that were there and some mulled wine to warm us up.

At 6pm, we made our way over the road to the main event.
We had a lovely girls afternoon/evening out. The lanterns were incredible and i can even begin to imagine the time and effort that went into organising and setting up this event.
If you ever get change to visit one, I would. It was more than worth the money.

So there you have a quick run down of some events that happened to me in 2016.
Have you done anything similar this year?
Have you done anything exciting?
What have you got planned for 2017?
Let me know down in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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