First blog post: 30 before 30


Hello everybody!!
With having just had my 28th birthday, it got me thinking… What are the things I would actually like to achieve before I reach the big 30.
While my little boy was laid on the sofa I sat down and decided to make a list of things that I would like to do before I hit 30.
Some of these things are achievable, some may just be a dream.
So here is my 30 before 30 list.

1.Take a spontaneous trip

I feel as a mother, my life is pretty much routine. Get up, get breakfast ready, sit and eat breakfast while watching Paw Patrol and finding out if the pups actually can save the sea turtles, clean up breakfast pots, put in a load of washing, avoid standing on the inevitable long train track that my son is now assembling on my living room floor… you get the point.
I think we could all use a little bit of spontaneous behavior  in our lives. To be able to just get up one morning, pack a bag and drive to the airport and decide where we’re going one we get there would be amazing!

2. Learn a new language

I have never ever put time and effort into learning a new language. When it came to me taking my GCSE options, for whatever reason, that year we didn’t have to take a language. My 13 year old self was over joyed as it was the bane of my life and I HATED French and German lessons with a passion.
Now at 27 I really do regret not taking one of them as an option. I actually enjoy learning now I am an adult so I am going to make a conscious effort to learn a new language before I’m 30.

3. Become a morning person

Yes, I am a mother. No, I am not a morning person. Those 6am calls from my son’s bedroom still make me groan, roll over and pull  my pillow over my face in despair.

4. Learn to say No

I suffer a lot with anxiety and I find my levels of anxiety stay low if I just please people. I tend to end up lumbered with all the rubbish shifts that nobody wants at work because I am too afraid of confrontation if I say no. I end up going places I really don’t want to go, because I am too afraid that people will get annoyed with me if I say no.

5. Do something that scares me

I think it’s always good to add a little fear into your life. How else are you going to overcome those fears.

6. Buy my first home

At the moment I am renting an apartment, but eventually I would love to be able to save up a deposit and buy a lovely house with an open fire and a proper mantle piece to hang stockings on a Christmas.

7. Get a new tattoo

At the moment I currently have 9 tattoo’s, one of those I really would like covering. My tattoo’s are fairly small so I would love to sit and have quite a big one done.

8. Do more for charity

In January 2015 I decided that my new years resolution would be to overcome by fear of giving blood and decided to donate. Since then I have donated 4 times. As well as that, I did a 5k colour run for a local charity in September 2015, I took part in a dechox for the British heart foundation in March 2016 where I cut out Chocolate for a whole month, I did My Marathon in May for the British Heart Foundation where I ran 26.2 miles over the space of a month. Starting September 1st I will be taking part in my Marathon again.

9. Take a break from my phone for at least 7 days

I feel that I personally rely on my mobile phone FAR too much. I’m constantly scrolling through Facebook or sending a Snapchat of my son doing something funny. I just want to enjoy moments without feeling the need to check my phone all the time.

10. Complete a 365 day photo challenge

Just because…

11. Take an Online Course

This ties in with my learning a new language. I feel like there is SO much to learn out there. Why not try and become as skilled and knowledgeable as I possibly can?

12. Spend Christmas in New York

Again… Just because.

13. Start saving money for my future

I think we all get a little bit caught up in spending money on the latest trends and technology. I have tried saving SO many times and failed. I really need to set up an account that money goes directly into that I cannot touch for 10 years or so.

14. Learn to knit

Maybe on my week without my phone I will take up knitting to keep me occupied!! Ha!

15. See the Northern Lights

I mean, come on… Who doesn’t want to see them?

16. Watch a Meteor Shower

Whenever I find out there is going to be a meteor shower it either ends up being cloudy so that I can actually see anything OR I end up falling asleep and missing the whole thing…

17. Cuddle a Koala

Who doesn’t want to cuddle a Koala?

18. Learn to how to play chess

I have always wanted to learn how to play and no matter how many people have tried to teach me, I just cannot get to grips with it.

19. Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii is just one of those countries that had always appealed to me.

20. Complete the 50 book challenge

25 books in per year… dream on!!

21. Complete a Rubik Cube

Seriously, how do people figure them out?

22. Learn to ride a horse

This ties in with number 5. I am terrified of horses.  I like to look at them from a distance but close up, they are far too big and scary!!

23. See one of my best friends get married abroad

My best friend is currently planning her wedding and it is her dream to get married in Ibiza. As bridesmaid, I cannot wait to see her get married.

24. See The Lion King at the West End

I would love to take my little boy to London to see this. He absolutely loves the Disney film. To see his little face watching the theatre production would just melt my heart.

25. See a concert

Earlier this year I went to the Busted reunion with my two best friends from school. It didn’t really live up to our childhood dream expectations so we all left feeling a little bit deflated. I would like to go see somebody else that makes me go ‘wow’!

26. Finish decorating

I have been decorating my apartment for about 4 months now and it still isn’t finished!!!

27. Read the Game of Thrones books

After watching the TV show, I would really love to read the books.

28. Get fit

I feel like I don’t look after my body as well as I should since having my son 3 years ago.

29. Sign up for a half marathon

Best get cracking with number 28 first…

30. See my son do well at school

My little boy is 3 and he starts in the Foundation group at our local primary school this September. I am so nervous and excited for  him. I’m sure he is going to do brilliantly as he loves learning new things.

So there’s my 30 before 30
I hope you enjoyed reading this =)
Let me know if you have a 30 before 30 list or a general bucket list. I’d love to hear from you.
Until Next time

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